Borlottie finally came to life in August 2012. It took a lot of sweat to get the doors open in the current environment with a lot of obstacles in front of us but we kept going and believing that our customers deserved an offering that we aspired to - freshly made for you in front of you, really good nutritionally rich, healthy options (the way it should be) giving our customers the choice to move away from processed, pre made pre packed options. We've had a few speed bumps but that is natural when launching a new food business. It takes a little more time to make good healthy food. In our case we've shrunk that down to seconds - imagine freshly baked chicken, roast rib of beef, roast salmon, made for you in front of you and served within minutes of ordering. How good is that!

From initial idea inception in early 2008, then the world took a twist and the rest, sure we all know about that. After years of thinking should we or shouldn’t we, we couldn’t let go of a great idea and eventually went for it. So here we are…..

Borlottie Healthy Food Image

We wanted to raise the bar of fast casual dining arena. Over the years we became fed up with being told what to eat, processed pre made food - buy it and like it. Pre made is pre made no matter what they say!

We could never quite get our heads around that, I don’t like stuffing with chicken in a sandwich, that was tough and we know a few that would certainly voice their opinion about the offerings out there.

It’s as simple as why can't you have what you want? The way you want it, made fresh for you right there and then and of course the all-important making sure it’s good for you, as food should be good for you – its fuel for life!

You are what you eat – greater than the sum of all parts.

Borlottie Healthy Food Image

Borlottie was created to provide a new and exciting food offering and driven by a passion for food, a desire to increase wellbeing, energy and vitality and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Eating well is becoming more and more important in order to thrive in a growing, busy and often pressurized life environment.

We look to promote the nutritional values and benefits of our food. The richness of vital vitamins, essential amino acids, proteins ,carbs, the fats and all things to do with food promoting feel good factors.

Our fantastic menu has been inspired and created to deliver extraordinary quality of produce, an explosion of tastes, a vibrancy of flavours, and array of choice and international cuisine.

Our core offering is healthy and nutritious food made for you in front of you. As busy professionals we recognised the importance of eating well and maintaining heath and fitness to balance our busy lifestyles

We want to inspire you to achieve your goals, whatever they may be. Are you feeling sluggish?...... let us offer you something to energise you! Do you want to drop a few pounds……allow us to create you a gorgeous low calorie lunch.

Have you had a late night?......Let us help you recharge. Perhaps you just want to treat yourself, be impressed with our daily special…….we guarantee you will walk away feeling fantastic.

Since its inception the company’s core ethos is to inspire the Borlottie customers with fabulous food, served fast, at great prices.

True to our word we have created an unparalled dining experience with a fun, entertaining and trendy atmosphere that endorses our well-being and way of life increasing the feel good factor, and savouring time for our customers.

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